Experience smooth and flawless skin with Spa Logic’s professional waxing and threading services. Our skilled estheticians use gentle techniques and high-quality products to ensure a comfortable and effective hair removal experience. From eyebrows to full-body waxing, we cater to your needs with precision and care. Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to silky-smooth skin at Spa Logic.

Eyebrows Arched | $22
Eyebrows Arched (tweezing) | $40
Upper Lip | $14
Lower Lip | $14
Chin | $16
Sideburns | $28
Full Face | $45
Full Face Includes Eyebrows | $60

THREADING (by appointment only)
Eyebrows Arched | $22
Upper Lip | $14
Lower Lip | $14
Chin | $16
Sideburns | $18
Nose | $16
Full Face | $45
Full Face Includes Eyebrows | $60

Brazilian | $62
The Landing Strip | $52
Full Bikini | $42
Half Legs w/Brazilian | $99
Full Legs w/Brazilian | $126
Full Leg | $75
Half Leg (upper or lower) | $45
Butt/Buttocks | $35
Inner Thigh | $22
Feet | $18
Full Back | $45
Half Back | $30
Under Arms | $28
Full Arms | $50
Half Arms | $30
Shoulder | $29
Chest | $25
Nipples | $18
Belly | $18
Stomach | $22
Full Body | $175

waxing guidelines

For a successful waxing experience, please review and adhere to these important instructions.

CAUTION: Waxing is not suitable for clients using Accutane and is generally not recommended for those using Retin A, Renova, Differin, or similar acne medications that thin the skin. Please consult your dermatologist before waxing if you are taking any medication or using topical creams containing these ingredients. Individual reactions may vary, and patch testing may be necessary.

Clients must be off Accutane treatment for at least one (1) year before waxing. Inform your technician if you are using acne medications, bleaching agents, or other skin sensitizing products. PRECAUTIONS & CONSIDERATIONS: Please follow these important guidelines.

Avoid waxing on sunburned, irritated, or open skin areas. Moles cannot be waxed.
Wait seven (7) days after a light chemical peel or Microdermabrasion before waxing.
Avoid waxing on the same day as using a tanning booth.
Wait at least one year after laser skin resurfacing for waxing.
Wait two (2) years after a physician-administered peel for waxing.
Use antibiotic ointment if irritation occurs post-waxing.
Avoid sun exposure or tanning for 2 days after waxing.
Avoid hot baths, abrasives, and deodorants for 24 hours post-waxing.
Women may experience increased sensitivity to waxing before menstruation.

Please consult your technician for any concerns or questions before your waxing appointment.