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How Spa Logic is Navigating the Beauty Industry in 2020

COVID-19 is sweeping through the world putting
countries, societies & communities under tremendous
pressure. There are now government enforced
mandates like shelter-in-place and “social distancing”,
a new term introduced to society and is now widely
accepted as the most effective way to control the
spread of the virus.

This crisis will pass. It may take months, a year, or
perhaps longer, but this crisis will pass. From this, it
will leave behind a legacy – new methods of working
and new ways of interacting with our clients. We at
Spa Logic are ready to take on that challenge.

One thing I know for sure, beauty & wellness will
continue to thrive because people will still need to
“feel good”. A new hairstyle, or a relaxing massage is
more than just a physical makeover, it is a means to
become more confident, feel better about oneself,
and to be empowered to take on the world. This need
will never go away.

While home self-care may become more popular, nothing can replace the power of the
practitioners. Our stylists, nail technicians, estheticians and masseuses are deeply
committed people who cannot wait to service the DMV area once the world gets back
together. It is such a joy to see our team empathize with the clients to help reveal their

During this time, I am taking the opportunity to evaluate my personal goals and goals for
Spa Logic. Everything that is happening right now is out of our control and is happening
for a reason. I do not know the reason behind this crisis, but I want to keep pressing
forward and not stop fighting for my team and the community.  I know the outcome will
be rewarding if the fear does not take over.

I have been working endlessly on expanding services at Spa Logic including a body
treatment room in the penthouse and a private VIP room for nails service. It is our goal
to add medical spa in the near future when the time is right. In the meantime, I am
working towards attaining the National Esthetician Certification, which is the highest
voluntary credential in the United States for the Estheticians industry. Every service that
we provide at Spa Logic, I make it a commitment to be properly certified and licensed to
better understand and service our clients’ needs. Beauty is my passion and I vow to
never stop learning.
At this point, no one knows when our lives will return to “normal” but when that time
comes, we hope you will return to Spa Logic to experience the same care and
compassion that you have come to expect. Until then, take care of yourself, your family,
and friends and remain safe as we all navigate the difficult days ahead.

Kathy Luu


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