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Dominate 2021 With These Enhanced Beauty Trends

We survived our first week of 2021 and are now finally taking a moment to reflect on what we learned from an eventful year.  The trending New Year resolution we have been hearing is to promote “enhance” self-care and wellness. It goes without saying that visiting a day spa is[…]

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Beauty Above the Mask

This year has been anything but typical, and we anticipate the holiday season will follow the same pattern. Whether you are celebrating alone at home this year or safely hanging out with a small group of loved ones, you deserve to feel as if these holidays are just as meaningful[…]

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The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Bouncy Spiral Curls

Love is in the Healthy Curls!   Curly hair is different from other hair textures. It requires in-depth hydration, less washing, and a lot more patience than straighter hair types. Our team of experts at Spa Logic is ready to share with you the tips, products, and pointers that will help[…]

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How Spa Logic is Navigating the Beauty Industry in 2020

COVID-19 is sweeping through the world putting countries, societies and communities under tremendous pressure. There are now government enforced mandates like shelter-in-place and “social distancing”, a new term introduced to society and is now widely accepted as the most effective way to control the spread of the virus. This crisis[…]

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