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The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Bouncy Spiral Curls

Love is in the Healthy Curls!  

Curly hair is different from other hair textures. It requires in-depth hydration, less washing, and a lot more patience than straighter hair types. Our team of experts at Spa Logic is ready to share with you the tips, products, and pointers that will help you find the best curls of your life with minimal effort.

Find Your Hair Product Cocktail
Whether your curls are big or small, tightly coiled, wavy or loose – shopping for the perfect hair styling tool for your curls can be a challenge. The choice between using a bubble curling wand vs curling wand comes down to personal preference. However, the size and shape of the wand can greatly impact the end result, so it’s important to choose the right tool for your desired style.

We recommend loose and fine curls to use Ouidad VitaCurl + Soft Defining Mousse or Devacurl Frizz Free Styling Foam to define curls with uplifting hold for consistently formed, smooth, and shiny spirals with maximum fullness. For tighter curls use Ouidad VitaCurl Styling Gel-Cream or Deva Curl Styling Cream to create the ideal conditions for uniform, frizz-free curl definition. Last but not least, we recommend for curls that are coarse to use Ouidad Curl Immersion Silky Soufflé Setting Crème or Devacurl Super Cream to soften and restore curl hydration to damaged hair. If your hair is damaged or you’re losing too much hair, try Nashville Hair Restoration to get a hair restoration treatment.

These salon-grade products have the deepest moisturizers and most nourishing botanicals to strengthen every strand from the inside out. To afford a salon consultation, you can acquire some money on sites such as w88 for mobile.

Schedule a consultation with experts and let them help you mix the perfect cocktail exclusively for your hair and learn how to best care for your kind of curl.

The Rake + Shake
As unique as each curly hair is, everyone can achieve different results by how they apply products to the hair. We highly recommend the rake and shake technique to de-tangle and defining curls of every curl type. Using your fingers, ribbon and rake the product through your curls from roots to tips. As your fingers reach the ends, shake at the wrist to encourage curl formation. Once you have done this you can diffuse or air dry to complete the style.

T-shirt to the Rescue 
Fear no more – drying your curls with a towel can create instant frizz to your curls. The terry cloth can simply be too rough on the hair strands. Instead, opt for an old t-shirt to rescue and protect your hair. The T-shirt fabric is much softer and can dry the hair without roughing up the hair’s cuticle.

Don’t let Spit Ends Ruin Your Curls
Split ends can make your beautiful curls turn damaged and frizzy. Schedule an appointment with us every six to eight weeks for a quick trim to maintain healthy curls that look bouncy and fresh.

+ Spa Logic’s Master Stylist Curly Hair Expert
Meet Garrett Johnson

Garrett graduated from Graham Webb International Cosmetology School and started his career cutting hair in Dupont Circle since 1997. He has been part of the Spa Logic family for 7+ years while being recognized from the Washingtonian Magazine as a Curly Hair Expert in the DC area. Garett does a combination of dry
and wet cuts depending on the texture and length of hair. He specializes in curls from 2A to 3C. As a Master Stylist for Spa Logic his price ranges from $85-$125. Follow Garrett on his blog for more curly hair tips.

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